2019 Veterinary Schools Auction Items

  Item #, Title Donor Fair
  S-1, Auburn AUCVM Hat and T-shirt Combo with Various Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Items   Auburn Student Chapter of AABP $100 Chance Armstrong, $30
S-10, Peacock Feather Display  PennVet Food Animal Club $60 Sabino Herrera, $10
S-11, Cow Planter and UFCVM Food Animal Club Shirt   University of Florida CVM Food Animal Club SCAABP $65 Peter M. Warder, $20
S-12, Aggie Basket  TAMU CVM SCAABP $100 Dee Griffin, $500
S-13, Georgia Grist Mill Basket  University of Geogia College of Veterinary Medicine $75 Charles E. Wallace, $76
S-14, Mississippi State University Cheese Gift Pack  Mississippi State University Student Chapter AABP $55 Ashby Green, $75
S-15, Ultimate Pure Michigan Gift Basket  Michigan State University $125 Dan Grooms, $150
S-16, Oregon Griller's Basket  Oregon State University CCVM Ag Animal Club $75 Jorge Vanegas, $40
S-17, CSU AABP Merchandise  Colorado State University AABP Student Chapter $140 John G. Mathis, $135
  S-18, University of Illinois Farm Photograph  University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine- Production Medicine Club $100 Jamie Stewart, $150
S-19, Pella Gift Card  North Carolina State University Student Chapter of American Association of Bovine Practitioners $100 Mark E. Hardesty, $100
S-2, Gibbsville Cheese Big Cheese Gift Box  University of Wisconsin Bovine Club $50.50 Ashby Green, $75
S-20, Local Davis, CA Gift Set  FARM Club at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine $85 Gerard J. Koenig, $150
  S-21, K-State Athletics Basket  Kansas State University SCAABP $500 Eric Moore, $400
S-22, Holstein Calf Ink Drawing  Cornell University AABP Chapter $225 Elizabeth H. Brock, $80
S-23, Ithaca is GORGES - Taste of Ithaca Bag  Cornell University AABP Chapter $65 Charles E. Wallace, $66
S-24, Custom Engraved Granite Stone  The Ohio State University CVM - Food Animal Club $100 K. Fred Gingrich II, $100
S-25, Longhorn Cattle Painting  The Ohio State University CVM - Food Animal Club $60 Michael Loveless, $50
S-26, Buckeye Comfort Bundle - 1 Blanket & 2 Tumblers  The Ohio State University CVM - Food Animal Club $65 Bradley Bruns, $35
S-27, LMU CVM Food Animal Club's BBQ Gift Basket   Lincoln Memorial University CVM Food Animal Club $70 Jerry R. Roberson, $60
S-28, Quilted Bovine Wall Hanging and 4 Green Tractor Placemats  Ontario Veterinary College Food Animal Club $90 Jodi Ann Wallace, $60
S-3, `Autumn Splendor` Bonnie Mohr Print  University of Minnesota PAM Club $105 Gregory M. Goodell, $150
S-4, Cow-Calf Pair Painting   Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine $200 Richard L. Sommers, $260
S-5, Beef & Bourbon  Oklahoma State University $295 Dalton Newell, $175
S-6, Painted bovine skull decoration   Iowa State University AABP Student Chapter $240 Glenn Parks, $80
S-7, WSU Vet Med hat, water bottle and sticker  WSU Agriculture Animal Club $40 John Day, $36
S-8, Beautiful `Calf Cow` print  Tufts Cummings School SLO $70 Katie Mrdutt, $170
  S-9, Wood Burning of Cow and Calf   University of Missouri $100 Katie Mrdutt, $175